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Kibo Ventures

Kibo Ventures was born in 2012 in Madrid (Spain) with the mission of empowering diverse European tech entrepreneurs to solve big problems and helping them scale.
Our team is a combination of operational and investment experts with deep international networks in Europe and US including some of the best founders, investors and corporates. Since 2012, we have built one of the largest VC teams in Southern Europe.
Our team and investors are committed to impactdiversity and believe in driving global positive impact while achieving top returns. We include social and environmental criteria in our investments.

We tend to think about Kibo Ventures as a start up, and as such, we are optimistic entrepreneurs that understand risks, how difficult it is to create a successful company and that the best teams do not only look for capital.
We are hard workers, big thinkers and focused on execution, as it is our responsability to support our founders with the insights to build extraordinary companies and returns for our investors.


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