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JME Ventures

We know what entrepreneurs value most

We have been pioneers, investing in tens of startups and helping build the Spanish ecosystems for the last decade.
We have partnered with some of the best Spanish entrepreneurs and international investors, leading us to generate top returns in the European VC asset class.
We help our portfolio companies compete on a global scale, providing strategic, operational, and financial support.
We care a lot because we have a lot of #skininthegame.
Join the JME VC family and get access to an amazing network of entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders.

From idea to exit, we’ve got your back

When we started a decade ago, we wanted to do some things differently. We believed that the key to deliver the best results was to become the best travel companion for entrepreneurs and be financially aligned with our investors.

1 We want to earn your trust by being open, transparent and collaborative
2 We are not afraid of being early
3 We want to lead your round and help you land the next one
4 We help you anticipate problems and make difficult decisions
5 We help you build a company ready for scale
6 We care a lot because we have a lot of #skininthegame


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