Jesús Alonso Gallo
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Jesús Alonso Gallo

After 25 years of experience within Videogame Software Industry and other IP based markets and 8 years at, my new life is focusing on helping others to achieve their dreams.

Exits: Drosoft to Electronic Arts and to Michelin Group.

Private Investor, Teacher, Mentor and all roles helping people to get dreams turn on real Projects.

Feel you free to contact me without any previous Introduction, here you have my email:
jesus . alonso . gallo @ gmail . com
(I just write in this way in order to avoid Spam, remember to write that email without spaces between every word).

Key Expertise:
- Entrepreneur Mentoring.
- Evangelism a new concept, product, company, strategy or business model.
- Execute a business plan.
- Change Start-Up concept into a company making invoices and getting sales.
- Building Teams.
- Building International Markets.


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