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Funding for early stage startups

Through Itnig Future One we invest € 100,000 per company and offer our support without getting in the way. We focus on understanding the market opportunity and making sure we fully align with the team.

At Itnig we invest in talent, insatiable drive and ambition

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are fast moving, intuitive and talented, hard working, customer oriented, results focused, and obsessed with growth - all at the same time!
 Investing period 2019-2022
 20+ partners
 100K€ per project
 +20 investments
Apply as an entrepreneur

Step 1. The application

To apply to our fund fill the application form. Complete this form so we can better understand your project. We will take a look at your project and if it fits our interests we will contact you as soon as we can, then we will invite you to present your project at the Pitch to Investors event.
If you do not receive a response, it means that we are not interested in investing in your project yet.

Step 2. Pitch to Investors event

If we are interested in the project, we will send you a message to pitch your project in our Pitch to Investors event.
Entrepreneurs will have 3 minutes to present their business idea (without deck or presentation) followed by a 5 minute Q&A where the audience can also participate. Our members of the board will finally give entrepreneurs a round of feedback. You can either pitch your project in English or Spanish, in person or online.
This event is broadcasted live on our Youtube channel and 48 hours later it remains private for our members.
If you would like to attend as audience, please get a ticket here: Get an audience ticket.


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