Elena Gómez del Pozuelo
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Elena Gómez del Pozuelo

Elena is a very well known international entrepreneur in Spain with expertise in e-commerce, internet and digital marketing. She has 25 years of experience in taking an internet business from the idea to benefits.

1. She is being nominated by Forbes between the 10 most spanish influential people in business: https://forbes.es/listas/76585/los-100-mejores-influencers-2020/91/

2. She s being nominated by linkedin between the 10 most influential people in Spain. https://www.eleconomista.es/gestion-empresarial/noticias/10237756/12/19/LinkedIn-publica-por-primera-vez-en-Espana-la-lista-Top-Voices.html

3. She founded her first company in 2000: Secretariaplus.com and Directivosplus.com, and sold in 2007 to USG people 10 times investment. One of the few Spanish companies that survive the internet crisis in 2001.

4. She co-founded womenalia.com in 2011 where she is non executive chairwomen. It is an AI and big data company, with a technology tool that helps Spanish and Latinamerican women to achieve to their professional goals (350.000 women on the platform).

5. In 2014, she co-founded bebedeparis.com now transformed in BabyFriendlyCompanies.com, where she is CEO. A technological platform to help companies to take care of their employees with children.

6. She is member of the Board of few successful internet companies that she co-founded: cocunat.com, incipy.com, inesdi.com, increnta.com and canamedics.com

7. She has been President of Adigital (Spanish trade association of Digital Economy) and member of the Executive Committee of CEOE for 10 years.

8. She is specialist in e-commerce, internet, Social sustainability, Gender Diversity, Transforming companies into Baby Friendly and Gender Equality. She has special experience in founding and managing startups and business related with internet, e-commerce and Digital marketing.

9. She has one of the most important professional networks in business:
She has more than 29.900 professional contacts in linkedin.
She has more than 92.200 followers in twitter: twitter.com/gomezdelpozuelo

10. Personal blog: http://www.mujeresconsejeras.com/


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