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Bonsai Venture Capital

Year 1999: Our Beginning

Bonsai Venture Capital came into being as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of Javier Cebrian Sagarriga and as a diversification of the family office investments in Real Estate and Stock markets.
Our model integrates ownership and management. Managers own more than 60% of the capital stake.  

First Online Investments

Migration from offline content to online space became obvious and we wanted to invest in this transition. Since then we have focused on accelerating this change in the Spanish market, starting with online classifieds.  


We invest in domestic internet companies with great mobile focus and global ambition


250.000 € - 2.500.000 € per company

Equity stakes

10% - 25%

Development stages

Early Stage and Growth. Seed capital only when teams have solid track record.

Exit Criteria

Flexible. Determined by the potential upside of the portfolio company, in harmony with the entrepreneur. 5 years has been our average permanence in exits during the last 12 years.

Target markets

Mobile focus startups based on classifieds, e-health, games, payments, security, travel and other high growth sectors.


Complete commitment to their ventures, solid team, management skills and good synergy with our VC model.


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