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We build mobility solutions to observe and improve how major cities move.

Founded in 2015 B4Motion scrutinises the drivers and players behind mobility around the globe. Backed by Astara (former Bergé Auto), a global leader in automotive business in Europe and Latin America, B4Motion is the first Venture Lab to be launched by a distribution company in the mobility market.

In 2018, Moventia joined the B4Motion line up. Moventia is a leading transportation company, specialising in sustainable group passenger transport. It shares its expertise about the public sector and other important industries for the future of mobility. Today we talk and collaborate with hundreds of corporations and institutions within the Mobility ecosystem.

Our mission is to engage the companies who share our vision (People Move #We Build The Way) and who want to build the present and future of mobility, together.

Since 2015, we have mapped more than 4,000 companies and startups, analysed stacks of research, identified market trends and pored over government regulations.

Today at B4Motion, we have an in-depth and up-to-date view of what's happening in the mobility world, who's using the services and who's shaping the market.


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