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Alex Dantart

RoXperience (from "return on experience") is a mix of business hacker, growth hacker and enterprise shaker, working on employee and customer experiences and returning enough KPI's to increase revenues.

Also, founder/investor in 40+ companies: Olapic (acquired by Monotype for $120M), Klikin (acquired by Repsol),, Sync (acquired by Arsys/1&1)... Mentor (Fiware, EOI, IMPACT, Yuzz/Explorer ...).

Contact me if you need to boost something.

✔ AS HACKER I work as Business Intelligence Architect and Analytics Operations Engineering, focusing in fast cost reduction and optimization in resources, costs, workflows, protocols, human & computers, and lead/document implementation of strategies.

✔ AS INVESTOR I have been investor, CTO or cofounder in more than 40 adventures, being responsible, in some part, of over 150M€ in exits/investments of participated companies, having 5 exits, and more important, tons of failures! I always prefer to anti-invest, enhancing and optimizing in-house resources before raising money and diluting.

✔ AS MENTOR I mentor or advise in boards of accelerators: FIWARE Accelerate (biggest accelerator consortium in Europe), Impact Hub, Yuzz, FINODEX, SOULFI, European Pioneers, CEED Tech, Impact Accelerator, Startup Pirates, h4ckademy ... Also I ran a Founder Institute chapter.

✔ AS INTERNET CITIZEN I've been working "for" the Internet since 1995, love lean and agile methodology, MVP, and any exponential technology. I love science, and I'm technology freak and traveller (40+ visited countries)

• You need a temporary CEO or inject nitro (short-term enhanced boosting) to your idea, company, product ...
• You need advice about startups, MVP, agile IT analysis and deployment or investments
• You think there's nothing to improve and you are doing everything perfect



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