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We are Igeneris, a venture builder focused on creating startups that leverage innovative technology solutions to address global challenges. We are currently seeking a Technical Co-founder (CEO or CTO) to create a new startup with us.

As a Technical Co-founder, you will be responsible for leading the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and establishing the technical direction of the startup.


Strong technical skills and experience in web development and the creation of Google Chrome extensions.
Proven track record in developing and launching successful software products, with a focus on user experience and scalability.
Experience in product validation and market research, with a deep understanding of how to identify and validate market needs and build a product that meets those needs.
Strong business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset, with a passion for creating new solutions and bringing them to market.
Experience working in a startup environment, with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with early-stage ventures.

Technical Capabilities needed to build the MVP:

Strong knowledge and experience in web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Familiarity with the Chrome API and knowledge of how to use it to build productivity tools.
Experience in implementing RESTful APIs and working with databases.
Experience in using Agile methodologies to manage software development projects.


Lead the technical development of the MVP, working closely with other co-founders to ensure that the product meets the needs of the target market and is delivered on time and to a high standard.
Conduct market research and user testing to validate product ideas and ensure that the MVP meets the needs of the target market.
Develop a technical roadmap and oversee the development process, ensuring that the product is delivered on time and to a high standard.
Work closely with other co-founders to ensure that the product is aligned with the overall business strategy and has the potential for growth and profitability.
Build strong relationships with partners and customers, leveraging your technical and business expertise to drive growth and customer satisfaction.
Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends, and apply this knowledge to the development of the MVP.

What we offer:

The opportunity to build your own startup: This is your chance to be a co-founder and help build a company from the ground up, with the potential to make a real impact and achieve great things.
A founder salary of €30k: This will be the salary for the first few months, designed to cover basic expenses. It's not a salary to make you rich, but to cover your needs while we build the startup.
A big portion of equity in the startup: We believe that our co-founders should have a significant stake in the company and be fully invested in its success.
A hands-on team to support you: We will work closely with you to build and launch the MVP. Our team will sit with you, think through challenges, iterate and do everything that needs to be done to make the startup a success. We'll be right there with you every step of the way.
Access to resources and support: As part of our venture builder model, we offer our startups a wide range of services and resources to help them succeed, including legal and financial support, access to our network of partners and suppliers, and more.

If you are a highly skilled technical leader with a passion for innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset, we would love to hear from you. This is a unique opportunity to join a dynamic and growing team, and to play a key role in creating a new solution that has the potential to make a real impact. Apply today and let's create something great together!


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